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Whitney Earrings

We've loved and carried this line of jewelry in our brick and mortar gallery for years. It's become a customer favorite too. Many times we'll hear someone say, "I got a pair of these before and I wear them all the time," and now they've come back for another pair. 

We love the use of mixed metals and the way gemstones and hammered accent pieces bring each piece to life. One of a kind beauties, they are! 

Fun Fact: These earrings were born in a studio that feels a little like you stepped back into the pre-industrial age. The jewelers only use hand tools (with the exceptions of the finishing equipment used for deburring and hand operated polishing lathes to get a bright polishes or satin finishes on the metal). They've even stepped back into the 19th century with the use of a non-toxic mixture of salt and vinegar instead of toxic acids commonly used today.

Earring Details:

  • Materials: Mixed Metals
  • Colors: Mostly Gold. Copper and Silver.
  • Size: 2" Long
  • Whitney-E098

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