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Limestone & Mortar: Brewery Pottery in Person

Whether you're looking for art, history, or both, Brewery Pottery is sure to peak your interest.

Walking through the doors of Brewery Pottery you will be welcomed by an eclectic mix of artwork. From pottery to paintings, and everything in between, we've got something for everyone, even that one person on your list that's so hard to shop for. You know the one.


As you walk through that big old door, you'll notice something else too. This is not your normal everyday art gallery. Signs of the buildings former life as a brewery are abundant around every turn.

Take notice of the ceiling, floors, and walls. They're original. Those ceiling beams that are so close together were built that way with purpose. They were used to support the many tons of grain needed for brewing the beer. Up in studio, you'll see the potters wheel with a door behind it labeled bottling cellar. That's not for show. That's really where the bottling cellar used to be.

Besides the artwork, what makes the space uniquely interesting is that it is in fact, really authentic. You can actually see and feel the robust history of the building as you walk around. 


In addition to all the artwork that's made in house, on display throughout the gallery are the works of over 100 artisans. A mixture of local and regional artists span a wide variety of mediums. Pottery, paintings, photography, jewelry, and sculpture just to name a few. It's an eclectic mix all handcrafted by small independent artisans.