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Pottery, Painting & Sculpture Studios

Brewery Pottery is more than just a gallery – it's a working studio too! 

We (Diana, Tom, and Claire) make all the pottery that you see for sale in the gallery, in the actual gallery. Well, our pottery studio shares a half wall with the gallery but for conversations sake, it is really all the same large room. There's a wide ramp that connects the gallery to the studio. Visitors to the gallery are able (and encouraged!) to come up into the studio to say hello, peek around, and ask questions. We work in both stoneware and porcelain clay and create a wide variety of different functional vessels.

Visitors will often see us working in the studio during open hours. You may see Diana on the wheel, glazing, or carving pots. Tom could be on the slabroller, pugging clay, or waxing bottoms. Claire might be doing handwork on the worktable or even taking photos for our website. In a pottery studio, there are a lot of tasks and steps that go into making each piece so you might see us doing any number of other things too! 

Visitors are able to look at and visit our kilns too. The kilns are at the far end of the gallery through a set of french doors. We have a bisque kiln and a large glaze kiln we fire about 12 times a year. If you happen to be here on one of those 12 or so days, you'll get a chance to see the kiln in action. 

All the pottery is made, fired, and sold in house.

Additionally, (because we can't just limit ourselves to one medium), we have a painting studio upstairs and another studio for metal/welding downstairs in the basement too. We make mixed metal and mixed media assemblage clocks and sculptures. It's a great place to get messy and be creative! 

Fun fact: If you happened to be in Mineral Point in the fall of 1996 (and were a brave soul) you may remember The House of Dummies hosting their annual haunted house down there. That was the year before we set up our basement studio. We have fond memories of that and even still lovingly refer to one of the rooms as "the vampire room" because it was set up as a vampire cemetery that Halloween. 

To read more, please visit our blog. We have more information there about studios, the gallery, events, and many other things too!