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Mineral Point & Area Attractions

Mineral Point, located in the heart of the Driftless region of Wisconsin, has a rich and interesting history. What started as a booming mining town and early center of Wisconsin government, turned into a quirky and creative place for artists, historians, and many eccentric personalities.

Today, Mineral Point is home to a creatively rich downtown where many independent artists and creatives have set up unique studios and galleries. It is host to many fun and popular events throughout the year, and at the heart of it all - beautifully preserved buildings all over town! Mineral Point has done a wonderful job of historic preservation. Walking the streets of Mineral Point is like a trip back in time. Many of the old buildings have been lovingly restored and walking the streets is charming. 

We love Mineral Point and we know you will too! 

Of course we want you to visit us here at Brewery Pottery... but while you're in Mineral Point and the surrounding area – there's a ton to do and see.

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