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The Brewery Pottery Team

Hello + Welcome
We're Diana & Tom Johnston
(and daughter Claire Johnston too!)

We make all the pottery, in house, here at Brewery Pottery. Brewery Pottery is located in old 1850's limestone brewery, where we live upstairs and work downstairs. We enjoy the quick commute down a flight of stairs to get to work, especially during the cold Wisconsin winters. 

We've been creating art and making pottery together full time since the 1970's. During that time, one of the things we've come to love the most about making functional pots, is knowing that our pots are being used and loved by people from all walks of life, from all over the world, and being used to enrich their everyday lives. 

Once the pots leave our hands a new story begins. Those cups of much needed morning coffee. Family meals around the dinner table. Bowls of popcorn while watching your favorite movie. A glass of wine at the end of a hard week. Something with familiarity and meaning to make each day a little nicer.

We love the human touch, authentic stories, and passion behind pieces made by hand, one at a time. Bringing together work by people who put themselves into their work continues to be our mission at Brewery Pottery. Knowing the artists behind the pieces, telling their stories and making a connection between you and these artists is a pleasure we enjoy each day.

As you enjoy your pottery, savor knowing its story, and by extension, ours. Relish in knowing your pot was born in a brewery, by artists who've poured their hearts and hands over each piece, and nurtured it to life- just for you! 

In a world where disposables are the norm and cheap mass production is around most corners. Dare to be different.

Life is short. Buy the art. Eat the cake. Love your neighbors.

 Tom, Claire and Diana Johnston, Then and Now-ish