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Silver Seasons Earrings

Where art, nature, and a love of jewelry collide in beautiful harmony. 

This earring, inspired by the Victoria Vine, is a timeless classic and can easily be worn and enjoyed for years to come.

The Victorian era gave life to many gardens based in England that soon inspired other areas to build lavish landscapes. Victorians embellished practically everything. They decorated porches with vines and trellises which were attached to walls with vines growing upon them. Urns filled with greenery and flowers were used liberally in the landscape. This magical time changed how gardens were seen and have forever made an impact on designs.

Earring Details:

  • Materials: Cast bronze with hand patina accented in freshwater pearls. The wires are 925 silver.
  • Botanical Feature: Victoria Vine
  • Dimensions: 1" Long
  • E-147

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