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Junkyard Safari Trophy

The sable antelope is one of the most beautiful of all the African antelopes. The sable has a compact and robust build, characterized by a thick neck, tough skin, and arguably best known for its majestic horns. Both the males and the females have large ringed horns which arch backward. 

The antelope is certainly a handsome-looking animal, and this decorative antelope mask is no less handsome. Eco-friendly and full of personality, this trophy mount will add just the right touch of personality to any room!  

Place it on your wall and you can almost feel the breeze on the savanna, beckoning you to roam wild and free.

Trophy Details:

  • Materials: Upcycled Car Tin
  • Style: Sable Antelope 
  • Dimensions: Approximately 3.5" H x 16" L x 13" W
  • Fair Trade Item, Handmade in Zimbabwe
  • JST-007

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