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Lakestone Earrings

When it comes to jewelry– We hear it all. People ask for everything from large statement earrings to dainty non statement earrings and everything in between, in every color. These fit somewhere in the middle of all that.

They're made from foraged stones from Lake Superior. Most of them are basalt. Each stone was picked and collected by hand and paired with care to make each earring balanced and cohesive.

All the stones have been drilled but otherwise they are un-altered and untreated. Over time, as they absorb some of your oils, they'll deepen in color and take on a beautiful sheen.

Perfect for any season and more than perfect for a nature lover! 

Earring Details:

  • Materials: Lake Superior Stones & Sterling Silver (the silver is oxidized to get the grey color)
  • Colors: Bright Pink with Yellow
  • Dimensions: 2.5" Long
  • E-131


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