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Johnston Earrings

Where to begin with these earrings. They're my staple and my go to. They match everything, look good with any outfit, and are light enough that they don't bother me or leave my ears sore after a day of wear.

These earrings are made right here at Brewery Pottery. Each pair starts off its journey in the pottery studio where Diana and Claire make and pattern all the clay discs by rolling in vintage lace, stamps, and using various texturing tools.

After that the discs are fired and Diana and Claire then handpick all the "additional" components to make each pair unique. No two pairs are ever the same. 

It's not a lie when I say they're my staple. I wear this style of earring basically 6 out of the 7 days of the week.


  • Materials: Porcelain clay and beads. Silver colored ear wires.
  • Size: 2.25" long
  • Features: Decorative vintage lace patterned clay discs with burnt red colored glass beads and black disc beads. 
  • Earring BP-019

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