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Glass Tumblers

Around here we believe in claiming your favorite drinking glasses (amongst other things- like forks and places at the table, but that's another topic!). We all have our favorites. And these will soon be yours. They also look beautiful with a bouquet of fresh flowers. 

Blown with clear glass and embellished with bits of color, each one is truly one of a kind. These glass tumblers are sure to delight. Because of their uniqueness, they look great as individual glasses in your collection but also look dynamite when perched in multiples. 

Up your beverage drinking game in style! 


  • Material: Blown Glass
  • Color: Clear Base with Multicolored Accents 
  • Dimensions: Approximately 5.5"H x 2.75"W
  • Liquid Capacity:  14-16 fluid ounces 
  • includes one glass tumbler
Because each tumbler is handcrafted and uniquely its own, variances in the colorful bits will vary slightly and should be expected. 

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