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Felted Purse

This cute little clutch style bag is the perfect accessory when you just need a few simple things and don't want to feel bogged down holding a heavy purse all night long.

Look, we've all been there. Left wondering, "why did I bring this hulking bag?" or cursing your decision making skills after arriving at the restaurant or bar and thinking "Ok, now what do I do with this massive purse? Where should I hang it? It's too big to set on the bar, I don't want to put it ON THE FLOOR... Oh no! They don't have those little purse holding hooks under the bar? whyyy!!"

I get it, trust me. Been there. Done that. We're here to help. 

This interior holds perfectly: a car key, a cell phone, and a few credit cards or a drivers license. Attached to the zipper is a sturdy ring with an extra pop of color that makes finding the zipper and opening it with ease, well,.. a breeze! 

Product Details: 

  • Featured Design: Floral
  • Base Color: Coral
  • Dimensions: 5" H x 6.5" W
  • Materials: Heavy Cloth Lining. Designs Embroidered with Colorful Threads

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