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Elephant Notebook

Students and non-students take note.. These one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly, hardcover notebooks are perfect for your writing needs. Write, sketch, and join the fight to save the elephants!

These large, unlined notebooks are 100% recycled. They're made up of 30% fiber from elephant dung and 70% recycled paper. No trees or toxic chemicals are used in the paper making process and only all-natural vegetative binding agents, along with water-soluble salt dyes for coloring.

This whole journal is handmade, acid-free, and as organic as it gets!

Journal Details:

  • Materials: Elephant Dung and Recycled Paper
  • Style: Elephant by Village
  • Dimensions:  7.5" x 6", approximately 50 unlined pages
  • EPN-0005

Feel good about this purchase! Read on to learn more about how it saves elephants:

This product was born out of a love of saving elephants in Sri Lanka. Elephants naturally are not favored as neighbors by farmers, who, in turn are shrinking the elephants’ habitat. When elephants trample and destroy valued crops, they are often shot and killed.

These artists believe that providing sustainable paper-making jobs gives value to these Sri Lankan elephants.

While it may not completely resolve the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka, they already going a long way toward raising the tolerance of farmers toward the elephants — by actually compensating them for damage to their crops. For this reason the elephant is seen more as an economic asset and less as a nuisance or threat. The people will not want to see the elephant disappear from their midst, and this recycled paper business plays an important role in the saving the population of Asian elephants in Sri Lanka.

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