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Michael Michaud Necklace

Whether it be a light drizzle or a heavy storm, the pitter-patter of droplets falling on the window is a relaxing, soothing sound - and one that inspired the artist to make this tear drop shaped necklace. Ultimately the inspiration was drawn from the way the sun lit up these teardrop shapes with magnificent colors after the storm had subsided.

This work is notably unique in its creation process of cast glass, a technique not typically utilized in jewelry. The artist is able to capture bold colors and textures that make each jewelry design pop in glow with the glimmer of forever changing lights that hit the glass elements.

 Necklace Details:

  • Materials: Cast in Bronze, layered in 24K Gold. Cast Glass Pendant. 
  • Chain Length: 17" Long
  • Pendant Size: 2" Teardrop
  • Pendant Color: Aqua
  • N-053 M. Michaud


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