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Welding Studio

In addition to a pottery studio in the main level of the building, we also have a welding studio in the lower level of the building. Diana welds and assembles things to create mixed media clocks and lamps, amongst other things.

We don't often take visitor downstairs. There a few different species of bats that call our caverns home. As much as we can, we try not to disturb them. The bat population at large, all over the world, has been hit hard with White Nose Syndrome. We try to do our part to keep our little flying friends as healthy as we can.

That being said, please peruse these photos to get an idea of what goes on in the welding studio.

We have clocks on display in the gallery and we'd be happy to FaceTime/porch shop/text/email photos of our available clocks for purchase. 

Left(top): The welding area and large ventilation shaft.
Center(middle): Close up of the a work table, lots of drawers for holding small screws and components.
Right(bottom): Wide view from the stairs as you walk downstairs into the studio.
Left(top): Further back view of the work table (with Claire's green hand chair!).
Left Middle(top middle): A grouping of finished clocks.
Right Center(bottom middle): Shelves packed with rusty goodies and supplies that will turn into future works.
Right(bottom): A group of clocks on display upstairs in the gallery.