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Behind the Scenes: A Peek into the Pottery Studio

Tom Working on the Slab Roller
Left to Right: Laying a piece of cloth over the clay. Rolling makes the clay flat. Cutting templates. 
 The Journey from a Ball of Clay to Finished Bowl 
The clay is measured out into equal portions. Diana throwing on the wheel. After the bowl is a few days old and a bit firmer, blue slip is painted on and then carved away to make our signature patterns.
Bowls are flipped over to dry by the fans. The bowls are now ready to be fired. In the middle picture are bowls fresh out of the kiln. Tom and Claire sand all the bottoms of all the finished pottery to make the sure they're extra smooth.
A Little Glimpse into our Firing Process
Left: All the completed pots are placed on shelves and loaded into our kiln. The door then gets put on brick by brick. The door is about 1/4 of the way on in this photo. Then we fire! You can see Tom in the middle photo checking the kiln, making sure it's firing evenly throughout. On the right, Tom and Claire are doing the final check to make sure each and every piece have fired just right.
A Few Miscellaneous Steps
It takes a village to raise a pottery! On the left we've got all hands on deck to unload a delivery of 2 pallets of raw clay. The middle photos shows Diana stamping on some deep texture to a slab that will become one of the darted dishes you see in the right photo. 
More of those little darted dishes, this time pictured in black and white, stacked one on top of each other. The photos in the middle and right show two different bowls freshly thrown on the wheel.