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Cupcake Purse

This small (but not too small) purse is perfect for keeping things safe while on the go. Imagine yourself running a few errands and wanting a lightweight purse that wont weight you down. Alternatively imagine yourself out on a date night and only needing a few items.

A flat and sleek construction. Top zip main compartment. Back zip pocket. Open front pocket. Does not have a boxed bottom. Interior in wipeable water-resistant liner.

The size makes it stay lightweight but allows for putting things inside with ease. 

Purse Details:

  • Materials: Cloth with Faux Suede Cord
  • Colors: Warm Red Geometric
  • Style: Cupcake
  • Dimensions: 7" High x 6.5" Long
  • Features: 24" Long Faux Suede Cord Strap & Wipeable Water-resistant Interior Liner
  • M-C-0030

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