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Wooden Clacker Rattle Round Balls

The ball rattle. Fun to shake, rattle, and roll. A true classic. Durable enough to hold up to a toddler, and sturdy enough to last for generations. Perfect for baby showers and birthday parties.

Crafted out of beautiful hardwoods, sanded silky smooth and finished with an all natural, child-safe, beeswax - so they're safe for those precious little mouths.

This toy meets and exceeds standards set by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, as tested by a CPSC certified laboratory, for children 6 months and up. 
Product details:

  • Materials: Various Hardwoods and finished with an all natural beeswax
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 3.5"
  • Intended for children 6 Months and up.


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