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Pet Clock

This lovable hound is ready for adoption!

Lightweight, tells time, adds a fun detail to the wall... plus, it never needs to go outside in the middle of the night! Perfect for you or your Dachshund loving friend! 

Please note: The tail wags (think the old-school Felix the cat clocks but modern.. and a dog)

Clock Details:

  • Materials: Wood & Metal
  • Style: Dog ( Dachshund)
  • Color: Black & Tan (snout, feet)
  • Body Dimensions (without tail): Approximately 7"W x 10"H (with tail ≈15"H)
  • Purchase Includes: Boxed Clock and Tail

Additional Information:

Clock runs on one AA battery. Clock comes in a clear plastic top box ready for gift giving and durable enough for re-shipping if need be. The tail is taped in a separate bag inside the box directly below the clock. Just put in the battery, hang the tail, and you're ready to go. A small screw of nail will be plenty to hang the clock on the wall (it's very lightweight)

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