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Chopstick Baskets

Billions of single-use chopsticks are consumed annually. Even more shocking is the estimated 25 million trees and bamboo plants used every year to make these chopsticks. In this waste 'Chopstick Art' saw an opportunity to up-cycle the discarded chopsticks into a line of home accessory products.

The designs are compelling and beautiful, and raise awareness of the negative impact of using chopsticks only once before disposal. They easily fold flat to store in a drawer or cabinet and open wide for easy, convenient use. 

These baskets are sturdy! Enjoy using them on your kitchen countertops for holding fresh fruit or produce. Or use them on the dinner table with warm fresh rolls.

Basket Details:

  • Materials: Recycled Wooden Chopsticks
  • Color: Dark Neutral
  • Dimensions: 14"L x 12"W x 6"H"
  • CSB-0002

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