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Bee's Wrap, Food Wrap

Bee's Wrap is the sustainable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage that's ideal for the consumer seeking eco-friendly, organic solutions to reducing their plastic waste in the kitchen.

Warm hands softens the wrap & creates the seal. Great for sealing freshness in so may foods. Fully washable. Fully biodegradable once it reaches the end of its useful life in the kitchen.

Made with care in Vermont using our custom-designed machine, giving you the most consistent, industry-leading beeswax wrap. The small sizes works well for lemons, avocados, or small snack. The medium size will cover a bowl, or bundle fresh herbs and fruit. The large can wrap half a melon, fresh greens, bread, and cheese.

Bee's Wrap is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business.

Bee's Wrap Details:

  • Materials: 100% Organic Cotton & Responsibly Harvested Beeswax
  • Style: Classic Honeycomb
  • Purchase Includes: 3 Wraps – 1 Small (7"x 8"), 1 Medium (10" x 11"), & 1 x Large (13" x 14")
  • BW-H-0001

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