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Wooden Salad Servers

As lovers of growing fresh veggies in the side yard garden and eating said fresh veggies in bountiful salads all summer long, let us officially report: We love these salad servers! 

The unique design is ascetically pleasing to the eye and the satisfaction of successfully scooping salad ingredients into a big bowl of salad without the ingredients slipping back into the bowl is.. well, satisfying. 

Use at home or at a potluck with friends. It's all good.

Salad Server Details:

  • Material: Cherry Wood
  • Dimensions: 11" Long 
  • Features: Matching floral design on both handles
Designs are inspired and designed by the natural world around us, including stars, the moon, leaves, flowers, and more. Also, a quick reminder: Wooden utensils are not to be washed in the dishwasher, hand wash only.

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