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Marionette, Louis Armstrong

Marionettes. What can we say, you either love them or you don't. Around here, we love them. Every single shipment we get in, we feel, is like Christmas morning. They are all so perfectly unique and delightful. Each one really does personify the personality of the person represented. 

When we first met the maker we were enchanted by his whole schtick. He makes all his marionettes by hand. The faces, hands, feet, and accessories are paper mâché. He sources the clothing materials from old sweaters and garments from local thrift shops. Then the clothes are sew by him, on his vintage Singer sewing machine in his tiny apartment that is totally devoted to his craft.

Really just magic.

We feel so lucky to have met him and to have cultivated our working relationship with him. We love supporting small artisans! 

Marionette Details:

  • Name: Louis Armstrong (Learn more about Louis Armstrong here)
  • Size:  20" Tall (Not including string height)
  • Legs & Arms all able to move independently from each other
  • Trumpet able to move to mouth in "playing" motion
  • Purchase Includes: Marionette & Instructions for Use
Of note: We do special custom orders for specific celebrities, artists, musicians, politicians, and people of note. Even the occasional custom made marionette depicting friends and family members. Please call us if you'd like to discuss this further. Trust us, we do it a lot - don't be afraid to ask! 608-987-3669

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