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Metal Maple Leaf

Sometimes shiny metal is not the right fit for your space, or maybe you want something to accent an outdoor area. This piece is perfect for both. Outdoors, it can be left year-round and indoors the coloring works well with natural décor themes.

In some English speaking countries, the Maple was believed to repel demons and evil spirits. It was customary to have a piece of a maple tree in the main door. It is also an important tree in Celtic mythology. It was a tree consecrated to Dana, the Celtic goddess of fertility.

It is known as the tree of the tolerance. In China, maple is associated with honor. Furthermore, the Maple is a symbol of strength and endurance.

This decorative maple leaf brings all the beauty and symbolism into your very own hands and home. 


  • Materials: Rusted Steel
  • Dimensions: Approximately 14" x 14"
  • Hidden saw tooth bracket adhered on backside makes mounting easy
  • A finishing touch: stainless steel pins are added to the frame. This holds the piece away from the wall, creating interesting visual depth as well as adding some protection to wall.

TIP: Finished in a natural rust patina, it needs little special care. However, rust is a dynamic finish. If temperature/humidity fluctuates it can flake a bit.  This does not mean it is falling apart, but it can get messy indoors. To reduce shedding, spray on a couple of light coats of clear lacquer such as Rustoleum to seal it, without adding high gloss.

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