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Critter CatFish

Attention cat lovers! Fish lovers! And CatFish lovers!

Looking for something fun to add a little bit of flair or excitement to a small space. This guy is not too big but funky enough, to add that desired pizazz. The face has so much personality and certainly colorful enough to look good anywhere. Lovingly called a CatFish, it brings the best of the mammalian and the fish worlds together.

What a charmer!  

Piece has a hook on the back and hangs on the wall with ease. It also looks great propped up against something like a potted plant on a side table or tucked onto a bookshelf with other small treasures. 

Product Details:

  • Style: CatFish
  • Materials: Various Metals, finished with acids & enamels 
  • Dimensions: approximately 6" wide and 5" tall

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